Voice Dialogue Peer Facilitation Exchange

Have you been trained in basic Voice Dialogue facilitation, but want more practice to improve your skills and confidence as a facilitator? The Voice Dialogue Peer Exchange may be for you!

We are looking for 6 to 12 people who live in the greater Seattle Area who are interested in participating the one month Voice Dialogue Peer Facilitation Exchange. The next one month cycle of this program starts in March.

What is it?

The Voice Dialogue Peer Exchange is a group set up to create a support structure for people trained in Voice Dialogue facilitation who want to practice their skills with other trained facilitators. Our goal as participants is to improve the quality of our facilitation and increase our comfort with using it in our personal and professional lives.

What do I need to commit to?

Everyone is busy, so the peer exchange is organized into a series of one month commitments so people can opt in or opt out for any given month as their schedule permits.

To participate in a given month you need to be able to:

  • Attend the initial face-to-face kick off meeting. This is a 3 hour meeting where the group will agree on ground rules, get to know each other, and set up some initial facilitation exchange appointments.

  • Commit to one hour each week serving either as client or facilitator. We are asking everyone to agree to facilitate or be facilitated by one other group member each week, either face to face or by phone. You can do more if you want to, but a minimum of one hour is required.

  • Attend a one hour teleconference each week. We will meet over the phone each week to check in with each other, provide mutual support and a place to bring questions and concerns.

  • Attend a face-to-face wrap up session & celebration. At the end of each month we will meet to celebrate what we have accomplished, consolidate learning and provide feedback to improve the next cycle.

What training or skills do I need to have to participate?

This group is intended as a place for people who have had at least basic training in Voice Dialogue facilitation to practice. To participate in a group we ask that everyone have completed (or be attending) a basic Voice Dialogue Facilitator training like the ones Miriam and Cassandra teach.

Is there any cost?

No, this is a pure volunteer activity for everyone involved. We will be meeting in a free space and using a free conference phone line for teleconferences. The only cost to you is any phone charges associated with participating in the teleconferences.

Are you interested?

For more information, please or by phone at 206-790-0183.