Avatar and The Evolution of the Aware Ego Process

Have you seen the movie, Avatar? Did you notice how the transition from human to avatar is a wonderful metaphor for how we shift back and forth from our primary selves to a new self and then suddenly back again? How often we venture out into a new way of being that is so much more enticing, powerful, glamorous, sensual, creative than our boring old primary selves. It goes great for a while, and then the primary selves, the ones with their finger on the button that can pull the plug on our new adventure, step in and jerk us back into our old safe, familiar, but perhaps also crippled, limited way of being. It takes a lot of effort/practice to begin to hold the new reality in balance with the old.

In the movie Jake Sully gives up entirely his old way of being and transforms into a different species on a different planet. Some of the changes we go through in our lives feel like that. And no wonder as each of us in his/her lifetime is living 20, 30, 40+ times more life experience than our ancestors of only a hundred years ago. It's no longer enough to stick to one career track, one community, one family, one place. Humans are busily weaving a web of connections with each other all over the globe and taking on multiple roles, identities, projects, families, friendships, spiritual paths as we strive to evolve into a consciousness that can handle the shifts and challenges of these times. I often hear myself and others refer to jobs, marriages, lifestyles from 20, 30, 40 years ago as "past lives." We've gone through so much change in our one lifetime that it really feels as if we've morphed into an entirely new being.

All those multiple relationships, families, careers and ventures require a LOT of different selves. The challenge, of course, is not simply all those selves having so many experiences but also being able to separate from them so that we can orchestrate our lives in a congruent and meaningful way. It comes down to the question of whether they're my selves or I'm their person? Who's got the finger on the button that chooses who and how I'm going to be? In Voice Dialogue the more we energetically and physically separate from our different selves, the more we are able to be aware of them and have some conscious choice about how to use them. It makes sense. We all know we have to back off from things to get them in perspective - that's why we have expressions such as "can't see the forest for the trees," or "you can't see the whole picture if you're in the frame."

That practice of separation from selves that we call the Aware Ego Process gives us a way to be in the picture of our lives experiencing all the fullness of who we are and also step outside the frame and see the whole dynamic work of art that is the life we are creating for ourselves. When we look at it that way, perhaps our evolution of the Aware Ego Process really is a whole new way of being in a new world. Truly we live in a time when humanity is flowering, evolving into the greatest capacities we have ever expressed. It may look chaotic and discouraging at times, but in actuality I believe we are becoming more than we have ever been. As I look at the world I can see that people everywhere are trying the best they know how to evolve into a new level of being however they can understand that. Books are being written about it, the internet is buzzing with it, movies are being filmed about this shift and change and new consciousness coming through.