Gotta Love Them, But Can’t Stand Them? 

Transforming Family Relationships Just in Time for the Holidays

Join us!

When?    Saturday  ~  November 12, 2016   ~   1:00 – 5:30 pm

Where?  Pacific Integral, 6827 Oswego Place NE, Suite B, Seattle 98115

Cost? only $45    CEUs? Yes!  4 credits through NASW 

  • Are the holidays a mixed bag of pain and pleasure for you?
  • Do you long for a way to really be present with loved ones and enjoy this time of year?
  • Do you end up with negative judgments about family or friends because somehow this joyful time of year carries more frustration and tension than peace and harmony?  

We have a solution…

 Voice Dialogue is a process that works beautifully with the negative judgments we all hold. Unlike other methods, we don’t try to get rid of judgments – we use them! Bring some of your “favorite” holiday annoyances with family to this workshop and we’ll help you find the gifts buried underneath them. You’ll come away with a wonderful tool to help you fast forward through those stuck places in relationships... even with family!

We guarantee there will be lots of humor and big Aha’s.

“The best part of the workshop was the ease of working with judgments without getting into the dark rabbit holes in people’s lives. It created a window into compassion and empathy. Thank you for keeping on topic with humor and creating great safety.” M.M.

“I saw energetic boundaries in a new light – awesome!” C.K.

For more information or to register call or email Cassandra at 425-753-2490.

"Cassandra and Miriam provide some of the very best training in Voice Dialogue available. They are a great teaching team - brilliant, talented, creative and, perhaps best of all, lighthearted. Their Voice Dialogue Institute in the Seattle area offers wonderful workshops and trainings."
Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone, originators of the Voice Dialogue Process