The 5th Annual Convergence 2010:
A Community Across Borders
Judith Tamar

When John invited me to write an article for this month’s newsletter, the subject of community was an obvious one as we prepare to gather for the 5th Annual Convergence.

Community comes from the Latin communitatem, meaning “fellowship, community of relations or feelings.” Several years ago, at a weekend intensive in Seattle with Hal and Sidra, I became very inspired by our feeling of community; I felt our maturity in this lifework and the creativity of its many incarnations; and I recognized that we have been together on this journey for a very long time. It was at that moment that I envisioned the first Convergence in Colorado. I was motivated by the idea of a place where we - the Voice Dialogue community - could annually converge, unite around a shared commitment to this work, learn from each other, and grow - personally, professionally and communally.

What’s unique about our community? What motivates us to want to come together every year?

Well, besides being a strikingly diverse group of people, we share the deepest love and respect for this work and its originators, Hal and Sidra Stone. How incredible that in their generous holding of Voice Dialogue as an organic, evolving entity, we can each uniquely express a consciousness model that we not only love, but also live. Among us are psychotherapists, body workers, teachers and corporate executives - all employing Voice Dialogue to introduce individuals, groups, and institutions to the myriad of Selves living within us.

The Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego Process represent both a profound philosophy and a shared way of talking about life, relationships and community. At a Convergence we use this common language to explore Voice Dialogue related topics, questions, and issues; we share our dreams every morning to stay present to the landscape of our unconscious; we facilitate Voice Dialogue sessions in dyads - a wonderful way to intimately connect with a new colleague; and, of course, we have fun indulging our Selves as we eat, drink, remember, laugh and love.

I so look forward to connecting with each and every one of you, in community, in London this September. This year’s first Convergence outside the USA is a wonderful opportunity to cross-pollinate beyond borders, to finally meet our distant brothers and sisters, to seed the field of consciousness, and to honor all the voices of our worldwide community.

Love and blessings,

Judith Tamar