Advanced Practice Weekends – Developing the Art of Facilitation

The Advanced Practice Weekend is an excellent opportunity for facilitation training students and graduates to receive personal supervision and fine-tune their approach to working with the selves and the Aware Ego Process. You will be able to address your specific facilitation questions and receive feedback from both Miriam and Cassandra during the weekend. Everyone will have a chance to facilitate, be facilitated, observe others working, and participate in the feedback process.

Our focus will include:

  • Individual next steps in facilitation - your growing edge.
  • Learning which techniques work best in each facilitation and why.
  • Recognizing the internal dynamics among the selves and creating effective facilitation strategies to work with them.
  • Developing a "body knowing" of where to go in facilitation and the energetic clarity and skill to follow that knowing.
  • Working with bonding patterns between facilitator and subject (transference and counter-transference)

If you have completed a Voice Dialogue Facilitator training with us (or its equivalent), you are eligible to participate. Call 206-932-1151 or

Dates to be announced.

Cost: $250