Refund, Withdrawal & Cancellation Policy

We keep our trainings intentionally small so that we can give each participant the individual attention and personalized feedback we feel is essential in order to learn the energetically based process of Voice Dialogue facilitation.

Once you decide to train with us, we begin immediately to take your specific needs and interests into consideration as we develop the flexible part of our curriculum. Late withdrawals affect the quality of the training experience for the entire group if we are not able fill your place from a waiting list. It is, therefore, very important both for our planning and for people who may be on a waiting list to let us know as soon as possible if your plans change and you need to drop out of the training.

Our policy on withdrawals/cancellations/refunds is as follows:

Deposit refunds:
Before December 31, 2018, if we receive notice of your withdrawal from the Training your $500 deposit minus a $75 processing fee ($425) plus any additional funds paid will be refunded.*

After January 1, 2019: Deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE, but it is possible to transfer your deposit (minus the $75 processing fee) along with any additional payments made to a future training within the next two years.*

Tuition refunds:
Up until January 1, 2019, any tuition you have paid over and above the amount of the deposit may be refunded in full, OR you may decide to apply both your deposit and tuition payment to a future training within the next two years. This choice is final and must be submitted to VDI in writing.*

Withdrawal after February 1, 2019: Deposit and Tuition payments are NOT REFUNDABLE, but Tuition payments (minus the $500 Deposit) are TRANSFERABLE toward a future Training within the next two years. Your intention to transfer your payments toward a future Training must be submitted to VDI in writing.*

*Please Note* Transferred funds need to be used within the next two years in which trainings are offered. You will be notified in our newsletter about the Training rates each year and about any Early Bird Discounts offers. Please understand that if the cost of the tuition has increased you will be responsible for any difference.

• There is no refund if a participant decides to leave the training before completion. VDI may decide on, a case by case basis, to apply unused tuition funds to a future training.

• The Voice Dialogue Institute (VDI) reserves the right to postpone, cancel or otherwise change any training program schedule prior to the beginning of its first weekend. At no time is VDI responsible for training students' travel, lodging, or incidental expenses. VDI also reserves the right to substitute training staff whenever necessary without obligation to students enrolled in the training program. VDI will attempt to reschedule the training in a reasonable amount of time and in doing so will strive to find a time that meets all the participants’ needs.

• If for some reason VDI has to cancel the training and cannot reschedule, participants will receive a full refund. Or, if the participant prefers, the deposit and payments may be applied to a future training.

• If you have any questions about our policy, please contact Cassandra at 425-753-2490 or Email.